Themehigh Job Manager plugin enables you to add and manage a job page on your WordPress website

2 min readJul 30, 2020

This lightweight WordPress Job Manger plugin helps in managing the job post along with the resume received by sending a quick update via email to the candidate on the basis of the status change from the admin side. This job board can be incorporated by simply pasting the shortcode to your page.

Key Features of Job Manager & Career

  • Add Featured Jobs to your career page
  • Options to upload Gif when the Load Button option is chosen
  • Add extra job features to your career page
  • Set Job Expiration date and Hide Expired Jobs
  • Create multiple fields to collect additional data like payslip, salary range, experience, etc.
  • Create custom Categories, Locations, and Job types based on your job profile
  • Enable Google ReCaptcha to provide a higher level of security
  • Advanced keyword search Job filter is enabled
  • Job board helps you to create a status for the applicants making it easy while shortlisting
  • Sync your website color with your career page, options are provided to customize your Job Title, Job Description, Button Color. Override the default theme color and add individual colors
  • Manage the size of the file upload by providing a Min. Size and Max. Size and from KB and MB. Provide an optimum size for the resumes to be uploaded
  • Display Job Posted Date to understand recent posts
  • View and manage all applicants from the All Applicants dashboard
  • Display a custom Message Text if the Apply Now Form button is disabled
  • Changing the status can trigger the email to be sent to the candidate
  • Choose a date structure from the varied Date Formats
  • View and manage all the jobs from a single dashboard
  • Enable Search on the listing page. Choose from the various status assigned for candidates
  • Select the number of job posts to be displayed on one page

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