Multiple Addresses for WooCommerce

Key Features

  • Store multiple customer addresses in a single shopping profile
  • Enable billing address autofill with Google Maps API key
  • Address Format override to rearrange the current address format
  • Change the additional addresses to default billing/shipping address
  • Add new addresses directly from the Checkout Page
  • Set an address as default straight from the Checkout Page
  • Customize the display style (Pop-Up/ Drop-Down) of address in Checkout Page
  • Customise the display text to your choice
  • Display the multiple addresses popup option as a link or button
  • Position additional shipping addresses above or below the checkout section
  • Set the maximum addresses limit from the admin page
  • General Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Custom section settings(This tab will be displayed only when Checkout Field Editor Pro for WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated)
  • Plugin License

General Settings

  1. Enable Multiple Addresses (Checkbox): Once this checkbox is enabled, the multiple addresses option will be available for the particular address (billing or shipping).
  2. Display Type: There are two different choices to display the additional shipping addresses in the checkout form:
  • Pop-up
  • Drop-down

Display Type — Billing and Shipping Address

  • Pop-Up Style
  • Drop-down Style



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