Guided Step Checkouts for Better Ecommerce ROI

5 min readMay 29, 2020

Free version Multistep checkout plugin

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Are you looking forward to increasing the conversion rate and growing your online store business? If so, it’s high time to add the WooCommerce Multistep checkout plugin with the exciting features to your store.

Why are Multistep checkouts beneficial?

Some customers don’t like to view the single page with more fields to fill the details when checking out and this may result in abandoned carts. Multistep checkouts offer neat and well-structured page designs that help the customers to avoid lengthy checkout pages and cart abandonment.

So, how to bring the Multistep checkout process to your store? It’s simpler than before! Grab the Multistep checkout plugin that brings to you with all the features you require to take your online store to the heights of success.

What is a Multistep checkout plugin?

The primary goal of every online store merchant is more conversions and sales. Yes, it is completely possible when you ease the hard process to a simple one. By splitting up the check out page to multiple pages, WooCommerce Multistep checkout plugin by Theme High helps the customers to get the best user experience like never before.

Usually, customers are forced to add more details on a single page and it appears to be quite confusing. But a Multistep checkout plugin with its free version boasts of providing the utmost comfort during the payment process with its simple feature of splitting up the page into different pages like:

  • Billing
  • Shipping
  • Order & Payment

Features of Multistep checkout plugin (free version)

A complete and perfect checkout page must have an intuitive design, cross-browser compatibility, responsive design, and mobile-friendliness. Besides these default features, let’s see how a free version Multistep checkout plugin brings in the best business for you.

  • Title renaming and step tab positioning

The Multistep checkout plugin allows you to position (left or center) and renames the titles of each step/tab in the form that suits the theme and design.

For example, you can change the step title “Billing details” to “ Billing address” and further it can be positioned by choosing the display styles.

  • Background color and text color customization

This is one of the best features of the free version Multistep checkout plugin. By customizing the background and text color of active and inactive steps, the customers can easily differentiate the step tabs and can reduce making errors while filling in the form.

Trustworthy step-by-step validation

By enabling the step validation option from the Multistep checkout tab, you can inform your customers for any mistakes made while filling each step before moving to the next.

  • Add login form

As a part of Multistep checkout with enabled login feature, you can include a login form that helps customers to know their purchase history by simply entering the login details.

Why choose ThemeHigh?

The free version Multistep checkout plugin by Theme High is not only designed for better customer experience but also for the sellers to have a well-organized professional online store that impresses the customers.

Our free plugin is quite easy to install, fast, and customizable. The intuitive design and the great user interface and experience help to retain the existing customers along with adding the new ones. Get the looks you have in your idea with this Multistep checkout plugin and bring out the ultimate businessman in you.

Try the free version below;


Check out the Premium Version of the MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce and add the following features to your checkout page:

  • Different Styles for Step Layouts:
    Multi-step Checkout for WooCommerce is accompanied by 6 plus step styling layouts for the ease of styling your checkout page. Choose from available style to enhance your checkout page:
  1. Horizontal Box Layout
  2. Vertical Box Layout
  3. Horizontal Arrow Layout
  4. Vertical Arrow Layout
  5. Timeline Layout
  6. Accordion Layout
  • Mobile-Friendly Display:
    Enable the accordion-style to give a mobile-friendly display of your checkout screen on mobile devices.
  • Icons/Indexes for Step Titles:
    Indexing with numbers/icons for your checkout steps can be assigned from Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce settings.
  • Ajax Step Validation:
    WooCommerce Multistep Checkout provides ajax validation to make sure all required fields are filled correctly before the shopper moves to the next step.
  • Add New Checkout Steps:
    Add new steps to the checkout form and display them by adding new fields and sections to them using Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce.
  • Extra Styling Features:
    Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce premium has a variety of extra styling features to customize the checkout form layouts. With the additional options to style the step titles step background and font color, the user can do more than just assigning colors to the step titles and backgrounds.
  • Include Login and Coupon Steps:
    Include steps to the checkout form to help the user quickly login before placing an order.
    Discount Coupon application too becomes easy when included with the Checkout form.
  • Combine Billing and Shipping Steps:
    Multistep Checkout for WooCommerce provides an option to combine billing and shipping steps to form a single step.
  • Separate Steps for Order Review and Payment:
    Just in case, if you want to split order review and payment as separate steps, you can now do it with WooCommerce Multistep checkout.
  • Hide/Rename Navigation (Next / Previous) Button:
    Multi-Step Checkout for WooCommerce allows you to hide previous/next buttons. You can also have custom text for next/previous buttons.
  • Add Text to Default Steps:
    Using WooCommerce Multistep Checkout you can now add custom content to default steps.
  • Hand-In-Hand Integration with Checkout Field Editor:
    The Multistep Checkout Plugin for WooCommerce is made to integrate highly with the Checkout Field Editor Pro plugin from ThemeHigh. You can create Sections, Fields for steps to enhance your checkout form.

Try pro version below;




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