Guerrilla Marketing: How Brands Win Hearts and Minds With This Strategy

4 min readMay 24, 2024

The term Guerrilla marketing was coined in 1984 by the American advertising executive Jay Conrad Levinson. This term signifies nontraditional campaigns carried out mainly on a low budget with the aim of generating buzz in public spaces. Guerrilla marketing carries elements of wonder and shock similar to guerrilla warfare tactics. This is an approach that stands out for being unexpected and unforgettable at the same time. In this article, we discuss Guerrilla marketing and its few types.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an innovative and nontraditional approach to marketing that aims to create a lasting impression on customers using unconventional and creative strategies. It involves out-of-the-box thinking that disrupts the status quo and delivers memorable experiences that connect with audiences on a deeper level. Unlike traditional marketing methods that rely on large budgets and established channels, guerrilla marketing utilises creativity and a touch of surprise to popularise a brand. It promotes a product, service, or brand through unique tactics that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Guerrilla Marketing Types

When it comes to types of guerrilla marketing, there are no well-defined categories. You will find real-life examples of campaigns that encompass features of multiple categories. However, these are some of the most relevant and commonly seen types.

  1. Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing

This refers to any type of marketing that happens outdoors. It usually occurs in busy streets and other urban areas with a lot of footfall. It involves activities like flash mobs, guerrilla projections, or street performances that surprise and delight passersby.

Example : MacFries Pedestrian Crossing

McDonald’s designed a clever campaign to turn Zebra crossings into giant finger chip displays outside their restaurants.


2. Ambient Guerrilla Marketing

Marketing products in an unexpected and unusual setting where they are least expected. The showcased product often disrupts the normal pattern and takes the crowd by surprise. This marketing strategy carries a wow factor, and brands usually carry it out in unusual locations where it can make a statement.

Example: BIC’s creative marketing campaign

BIC places an enormous razor in a lawn with the statement: “Our razors are sharp enough to mow your lawn!”


3. Experiential Guerrilla Marketing

This form of marketing is characterised by immersive experiences and can happen anywhere. It invites the audience to participate in the marketing campaign through fun interactions, enabling them to get to know the brand better.

Example: Volkswagen’s creative marketing campaign

Volkswagons interactive piano campaign where they painted a piano in the subway, was a major hit.


4. Viral Guerrilla Marketing

In this type of marketing, brands focus on creating content that will be quickly and widely shared on social media platforms. It often uses humor, emotion, or shock value to grab the audience’s attention.

Example: Dollar shave campaign

Dollar Shave Club released a video as part of their viral marketing campaign which became so popular that the club got 12.000 orders in 48 hours!


5. Ambush Guerrilla Marketing

As the name suggests, this marketing strategy has an element of ambush. Brands advertise their products at large events without paying any sponsorship amount to the organisers. In this strategy, brands promote their products against similar products from competitors who might already be officially part of the event. They often try to gain attention by targeting their competitors in places where they are ideally not expected to do so.

Example: Snapdeal trolls Flipkart

Snapdeal once responded to an ad by Flipkart and took advantage of the latter’s ad to boost their sales.


Guerrilla marketing offers a great tool to connect with consumers in meaningful ways. It is about breaking traditional norms and giving people an experience they will never forget. As opposed to run-of-the-mill tactics focusing on promotional content, guerrilla marketing stands out for its unique ways of showcasing brands and products without being pushy.

By embracing creativity, innovation, and the element of surprise, brands can win hearts and minds and achieve unprecedented success in today’s competitive marketplace.

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